Here’s a short video that explains how Feedshop works:

Questions & Answers

Feedshop is a shoppable web app that allows anyone with an Instagram account to add URLs to the images in their Instagram feed. The clickable feed can link to any content or products. Feedshop creates a custom URL for each member.  By adding that URL to your Instagram profile, and telling your users to tap the link in your bio, Feedshop makes it easy for your followers to find exactly what they like from your Instagram feed, on your website. Feedshop is a great solution for any retail brand, as well as bloggers, editorial platforms, and influencers that want to link their Instagram posts to articles, posts, and giveaways.

Feedshop is responsive, so you can use on on your desktop, as well as on your tablet or phone when you are on the go.

We accept credit/debit card payments.  Credit/debit card payments are securely processed with Braintree.
We offer a 30 day free trial for our new Feedshop users. Simply send us an email at and we’ll get you set up. If you want to save some time, you can go ahead and sign up for an account before you send us an email. When you get to the payment page, do not submit a payment. We will activate the free trial on our end for you.
As of 8/18/15, Instagram stopped the creation of custom locations. If you used to write “link in profile” or something similar for your location to drive followers to click the link in your profile, there is still a work around. You can still create a location on Facebook and name it “link in profile” and then use that location on Instagram. To learn how, follow the instructions here on Instagram. Otherwise, you can just add a blurb at the end of your Instagram post that simply says “Link in profile.”.
Yes, we offer the ability to add multiple links to an image in Feedshop. Simply select the “Multiple” option in your Dashboard, and tap on the image where  you’d like the specific product link to appear.
We do offer in-app analytics as part of our Feedshop Plus plan. Our analytics provide user engagement metrics and the option to download a .csv file for specific engagement data per post.

For specific sales conversions, we recommend using UTMs with Google Analytics. Here’s a link to our blog post that explains how to set up UTMs. Some of our users prefer to use bit.lys but we find that UTMs provide much more detailed sales data.
We recommend you build UTMs for your links so you can track them in Google Analytics. Here is a great URL Builder tool from Google to build your trackable links. Using this URL Builder tool, we recommend you enter “feedshop” as your “Campaign Source”.UTMs are case sensitive. Therefore we recommend you always use “feedshop” all lowercase as your campaign source so all Feedshop UTMs will be under this one lowercase group. When you press submit in the URL builder form, the URL with the UTMS will be generated. Simply copy and paste this link as your URL link for the relevant image in your feed.  This URL Builder tool also works on mobile so you can update your Feedshop on the go. FEEDSHOPFAQ
To track overall Feedshop engagement in your Google Analytics account: Go to “Acquisition”–>”Channels”–>”Other”

  You will see “feedshop” listed.

  To see specific photo URL engagement in your Google Analytics account: Go to “Campaigns”–>”All Campaigns” You will see your Campaign Names listed.
We offer in-app analytics as part of our Feedshop Plus membership, which allows you to see your engagement for each post, as well as download a .csv of your engagement data. Our in-app analytics feature does not record sales metrics. To record sale metrics, we recommend using UTMs with Google Analytics. Another way to track engagement for your Feedshop is with bit.lys. This method will not track sales in your Google Analytics, but you will be able to see the number of times users have clicked on the links used in your Feedshop.
We do offer the ability to embed and customize the look of your Feedshop. This feature is part of our Feedshop Plus plan.
Your links will be saved, but your page will not be accessible to the public.
You can cancel your monthly plan under the “Billing” section.  Canceling your membership will stop upcoming payments at the start of your next billing term. Your service will continue through the end of your current term.
Yes, Feedshop also works for Instagram users  with “.” in their username. If you have a “.” in your username, you will still be able to have a custom Feedshop URL.