How Luxie Beauty uses Feedshop to increase their sales from Instagram.

How Luxie Beauty Uses Feedshop to Achieve Ecommerce Goals

Luxie Beauty is a makeup company known for their high quality products and commitment to a beautiful and mindful lifestyle. Not only do they sell online, their products are found in prominent beauty stores such as Ricky’s NYC. We had a chance to chat with Luxie Beauty’s marketing team about their brand, how they have been using Feedshop, and the kinds of posts that perform the best for them.

Tell us a bit about Luxie. What kind of products do you sell?
Luxie, we have been changing the beauty game since 2014. It all started back in the 90s, our founder Tammy Huynh couldn’t find any high quality synthetic makeup brushes that didn’t make her break out so she decided to make her own! It wasn’t nearly as simple as that but after growing the company for the past 2 years, we believe that we are achieving our goal: to provide lifestyle conscious make up brushes and to empower others to be comfortable in their own skin. Beauty, to us, is not just about the makeup brushes, but it’s also about driving the definition of beauty to be deeper. We want to push beauty to be more lifestyle conscious, which is why all of our products are vegan, cruelty-free and hypoallergenic. Here at Luxie, beauty is more to us than just a face you wear; it is a well-rounded way of life.

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Who is the Luxie customer and how does she shop?
Our core customer ranges from the age of 25 to 35. They have a full-time job and are big makeup enthusiasts.

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How did you hear about Feedshop?
Our team was trying to find alternative platforms for Curalate and stumbled upon Feedshop.

How long have you been using Feedshop for?
We started using Feedshop in August 2016, so over a year now.

What were your ecommerce goals when you started using Feedshop? How have they changed since using Feedshop?
Our goal was to increase the number of clicks from our social media to our website. And also to have a higher conversion rate each month.

How do you track your conversions? Do you use UTMs?
We use Google analytics and UTMs to track our conversions.

Are there any features about Feedshop that stand out to you?
Our team is very fond of the fact that our followers can have easier access to our website and purchase exactly what they see on our posts with no hassle.

How do you manage your Feedshop posts? From your desktop? Mobile? Tablet?
We manage it mainly from our desktop and mobile devices.

What has been your most successful Feedshop post to date?
Our reposts of Instagram videos do extremely well. They attract a lot of engagement and persuade our followers to click on our Feedshop link.

What ecommerce platform do you use for your website? How does it work with Feedshop?
We use BigCommerce as our platform. It doesn’t link to Feedshop so we use Google Analytics as a source to track how our daily sales do for Feedshop.

How has your Instagram content and strategy changed since you’ve started using Feedshop?
Yes, we have begun to post content that is product based so we have an opportunity to link them to Feedshop and make a sale.

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