Set up your Feedshop analytics with UTMs

We recommend you build UTMs for your links so you can track your Feedshop user engagement and sales from Feedshop in your own Google Analytics account.

Here is a great URL Builder tool provided by Google to build your trackable links.

Using this URL Builder tool, enter “feedshop” as your “Campaign Source”.  UTMs are case sensitive.  Therefore we recommend you always use “feedshop” all lowercase as your campaign source so all Feedshop UTMs will be under this one lowercase group.

When you press submit in the URL builder form, the URL with the UTMS will be generated.  Simply copy and paste this link as your URL link for the relevant image in your feed.  This URL Builder tool also works on mobile so you can update your Feedshop on the go.

How to track your Feedshop engagement in your Google Analytics account.

Once you create these Feedshop UTMs, here is how you can find them in your Google analytics account:

To track overall Feedshop engagement in your Google Analytics account:

Go to “Acquisition”–>”Channels”–>”Other”

You will see “feedshop” listed.


To see specific photo URL engagement in your Google Analytics account:

Go to “Campaigns”–>”All Campaigns”

You will see your Campaign Names listed.


Another way to track engagement for your Feedshop is with bit.lys. This method offers less information as it will not track sales in your Google Analytics.  You will only be able to see the number of times users have clicked on the links used in your Feedshop.

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