The New Instagram Graph API For Business Profiles

Facebook recently announced a new version of their Instagram API called the Instagram Graph API, which has more robust features for businesses. As a result, personal and business Instagram profiles now operate on different APIs.

The good news is Feedshop can still be used for both personal and business Instagram profiles! Once you sign up with Feedshop, as part of your profile settings you will simply need to select if you have a personal or business Instagram profile.


Not sure if you have a personal or business Instagram profile?

You can tell if your Instagram account is a personal or business Instagram profile if there is a small grey category right below your Instagram name. This category is chosen by the category of the Facebook page that your business linked to.


Feedshop Personal Instagram Profiles

Why would you want to use Feedshop with a personal Instagram profile? For example, if you are a blogger or influencer but have no interest in in-app analytics or running ads, you can use Feedshop to link the products you are featuring in your Instagram posts. Adding your affiliate links in Feedshop will help drive revenue and increase your earned commission.


Feedshop Business Instagram Accounts

If you have a business Instagram account, engagement, sales, and other marketing metrics are already on your mind, and you are probably looking for another way to boost your performance. Supplement your other marketing efforts on Instagram by using Feedshop as your link in bio. This will make it easier for your followers to engage with the specific products you are featuring, as well as an additional platform to promote your links.


Interested in upgrading from a personal to a business profile?

Instagram has a great tutorial that explains how to make the switch.

An Instagram business profile gives you access to more advanced features that will help your business grow. Once you upgrade to a business account, you will gain in-app analytics, contact buttons to feature on your profile, the ability to run ads for your business Instagram profile, and if you have over 10,000 followers you will also be able to add links to your Instagram Stories.


We look forward to rolling out exciting new features for business profiles using the new Instagram Graph API! Looking for a specific feature? Contact us or leave a comment below.

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